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It’s that time again...Time to set a New Years resolution only to find yourself back at square one come mid January. As a fitness studio owner, the influx of new members and clients first of the year may seem exciting, but quite frankly, most people who start based off a New Year’s resolution find their motivation drifting within a few weeks. I believe the biggest reason for this overzealous to lackluster attitude starts with making a broad resolution versus a specific goal. A resolution such as, “I want to get healthy in 2021” can mean a plethora of things; lose weight, start working out, eat better. That's just where the problem lies, a resolution that’s diluted by trying to attain so much, then feeling bad about not achieving it, and inevitably giving up. Here’s a simple 2-Step plan on helping you kickstart yourself to a healthier 2021.

STEP 1: STATE YOUR GOAL. A goal should be “SMART”, S-mart, M-easurable, A-ttainable, R-ealistic and T-imely. By setting just one goal, you can set realistic parameters to achieve it, versus the overwhelming loom of an arbitrary resolution. An example of a great fitness goal for the New Year can be, “I want to find time everyday to move my body with intention for at least 10 minutes.” From there, you can narrow down when, where and how. Do you want to walk during your lunch break instead of sitting in your car? Do you want to find a quick and easy 10 minute workout you can complete? Or maybe you have that good ol’ piece of gym equipment collecting laundry that you can hop on for 10 minutes before your shower. By creating a goal that’s measurable, attainable, realistic and timely, you’re setting yourself up for success and growth…

STEP 2: BECOME CONSISTENT They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and it’s definitely true that until you can become a well oiled machine with one particular goal, only then can you begin to add to that goal. Do you want to up your workout time to 15 minutes a day? Or maybe you make your goal a bit more fitness specific by committing to staying in a certain heart rate zone (such as the aerobic zone 70-79% of your HR Max) during your movement. This will help build your aerobic base further helping you have a healthy heart, boost weight loss, metabolism and mood. When we create a goal that is “SMART” and are consistent enough to reap the benefits, it makes us much more likely to stay committed to those goals long term. Tangible results like, feeling more energized, stronger, happier and relaxed are what keep us coming back for more. Let’s be honest, the scale is not the best motivator. In fact, it can be overwhelming if we’ve really packed on weight and can derail us from even wanting to begin. Dig deep for your WHY and fall in love with the process versus the outcome. Be sure to love yourself along the way. Best wishes for a healthy and bountiful New Year!

Your Trainer,

Randa Alami B.S., NASM CPT, FNS, CES

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